LA Cider Fest - 9.19.15

Saturday, September 19, 2015


More to be announced!

Beef Jerky is uniquely American. It was light to transport, took up less room on the pioneers’ journey and required no refrigeration. As a staple of the American cowboys and miners, it was America’s first fast food and it is obviously here to stay.

We still don’t mass produce Jerky Hut products. “Beef jerky making is an art”.

All Jerky Hut products are hand trimmed, marinated in Jerky Hut’s “secret brews” and then each piece is hand screened (See photos). Next the screens are placed onto the smokehouse truck. There are 6 trucks per smokehouse load. We use only the finest Oregon wood for our smoking process. Jerky Hut

Jerry's almost pickles is a local family run company based in Hollywood. We made this product for ourselves because we couldn't find a fresh, all natural pickle that cured our pickle craving.  We make artisanal refrigerated pickles, free of preservatives and made with apple cider vinegar.  They are naturally gluten free, fat free, and vegan.  All of our pickles are made in small batches weekly to ensure we deliver the freshest, crunchiest, tastiest pickles to you that is bursting with flavor! We have 3 fun and awesome flavors to choose from: spicy garlic (our take on the classic dill), zesty red pepper (kimchi inspired) and sweet habanero (mildly sweet with habanero kick).  Our pickles make for an awesome, healthy and flavorful snack, either by themselves or with just about anything! 

We make our pickles with apple cider vinegar because it is one of the only all naturally processed vinegars and it tastes amazing! The great taste of apple cider vinegar enhances all of our fun flavors 

No Tox Life makes artisanal, vegan, natural skincare products for men and women. We use natural, food-grade ingredients like avocado butter, mango butter, coconut oil, botanicals and clays - ingredients you can actually pronounce!

Our product line includes DETOX facial bars, herbal facial steams, facial clay masks, traditional shaving products, beard oil, hair treatment, body bars, aluminum-free natural deodorant, lip butters, bath soaks, whipped facial and body butters, and shampoo bars.

We make what we sell: everything is handmade in small batches by mother-daughter team Sandee & Callie Ferman in Los Angeles.

T & A Farms - There's Nuthin' Sweeter than a Little T & A!

an apiary and urban orchard based in the foothills of Los Angeles